Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

About the Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Life Refuge


The Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (FFMR) is a volunteer support group established in 1985. Our goals, as stated by Virginia Welch, founder and past president, are: “the protection and preservation of the Marine Reserve as a unique intertidal environment and the promotion of educational activities for school children, residents, visitors and researchers, to see and touch many elements of wildlife ecosystems.”

Board members of the FFMR meet 6 times a year to keep abreast of the activities and problems concerning the Reserve and its precious legacy.

How to Help

There are many ways to help preserve and protect this precious resource:

Become a Member

Membership is encouraged and is available to the public at the Reserve. Membership has grown since 1987 from the original 9 members to 240.

A quarterly newsletter, Between the Tides, is published featuring articles related to tidepool marine life as well as announcements of upcoming activities available to the public and specifically to members.

Click here for more information on membership.

Become a Volunteer

FFMR sponsors a roving interpretation program for volunteer docents who assist the County Parks Division in maintaining safe and knowledgeable use of the intertidal zone.

Outreach programs are: docent-led tours, lectures and articles by scientists about marine life at the tidepools, a vital Junior Ranger Program including orientation and training, introduction of the first high school student docent intertidal training program, a scholarship fund set for high school students pursuing studies in marine biology, teachers’ workshops, beach watch monitoring, visitation to schools by reserve staff personnel, and studies to define visitor impact on marine habitat.

Click here for more information on volunteering.

Contact information

By postal mail:
Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
P.O. Box 451
Moss Beach, CA 94038E-mail


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2 Responses to Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

  1. Pacific Coast Tidepools books to send you:

    Came across this article, and just had to write! I have some beautiful books on the Pacific Coast Tidepools I can send you if you have a library for them. Just let me know… So glad there is a group looking after the tidepools! There was just Bob Breene for so many years, and I would come down there and help out at low tide when I wasn’t cataloging and photographing. I lived in Half Moon Bay for many years, and loved every minute of it.
    Do you have an email address for Bob so I can say hi?

    Catherine Todd / Katie Scheffelin (contact and links below)


    Here’s the note I left on the website:

    Catherine Todd Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 3, 2010 at 11:13 · Reply

    To Bob Breen, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was going to college at San Jose State and living in Half Moon Bay, studying the tidepools. I found, photograph, drew pictures and described the wonderful, myriad specimens available to be seen at low tides at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, when you were working there back in 1976. Those were some of the most interesting and happiest days of my life! I have always wondered how things were going, and was very happy to read that the area is still being looked after, due in large part to your efforts for the past 40 years! I’m heading over to “Friend of the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve” right now to see what’s been going on.

    Thanks for your World Ocean Day notice above and I will do all I can to help. I still have some excellent books on the Pacific Coast tidepools that I would like to donate to anyone who asks. I live in North Carolina now, for many years, and also live part time at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, so hope these books can continue to have a useful and inspiring life with those that appreciate our natural world the most. Anyone can write me at CatherineTodd2 at gmail dot com. Thanks for everything, Bob… here’s hoping you get this message!

    PS: I forgot to list my maiden name back then, Katie Scheffelin. It’s now “Catherine Todd” but I’m still the same! I was at SJSU from 1976 to 1978, probably, and down at the tidepools around that time.

    And the Friends website:
    Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve – Welcome
    Provided by the Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, an environmental organization dedicated to education and conservation of our marine resources.

  2. Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve – Events
    Check our web site or contact Ranger Sarah Lenz at (650)728-3584 or for more information. Some activities have a limited number of …

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